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Complete Video Production

AndrobMedia helps you communicate via the medium of film.
Creating professional quality videos requires technical and creative expertise. We contribute with skills and knowledge to facilitate the process and create video that aligns with your goals.
A complete video production with us can include commercial video such as TV commercials, video ads, brand movies, or event documentation.
We also work with artistic projects in film, TV and streaming as well as music video creation. If it's moving pictures, its fun!
Androbmedia Video Produktion


  • Story / Script

  • Strategy / Brain Storming

  • Purpose / Message

  • Storyboard / Treatments

  • Shot Lists

  • Location scouting 

  • Location / Studio booking 

  • Casting / Crew

  • Logistics planning

  • Planning

  • Schedule

Our process



  • Studio / INT / EXT

  • Camera operator

  • Cinematic camera equipment

  • Props

  • Makeup artist

  • Drone

* A detailed equipment list can be attached if needed.

Post production

  • Royal music licensing

  • Professional Voice-over

  • Rough cut 

  • Color correction

  • Audio mastering & SFX

  • Feedback & Corrections

  • Final cut

  • Export different formats

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