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Science Park Borås at the Gothenburg Opera

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Science Park Borås på GöteborgsOperan

Textile materials, sustainability and circular working methods

In collaboration with Gothenburg Opera and Science Park Borås


In June 2022, buyers, tailors, upholsterers, props, scenographers, costume designers and attributors in performing arts and film gathered at the Gothenburg Opera for talks and exercises under the theme "Textile materials, sustainability and circular working methods". During these three lectures that were part of the program, experts from Science Park Borås share knowledge and inspiration.


Lecturer: Mats Johansson is a textile engineer and for almost 40 years has worked with product and process development, both in business, as a self-employed person and at the University of Textiles/Science Park Borås. Among other things, he has helped develop the first functional rain garments, fabric for airbags and material for the Hövding inflatable bicycle helmet.


Lecturer: Erik Valvring has worked for over 20 years with innovation and circular business models and was, among other things, responsible for the start-up of the Västra Götaland region's powerhouse "Circular Business Models". Erik is Innovation Strategist at Science Park Borås and co-responsible for several textile projects with a focus on sustainability in textiles and fashion.


Lecturer: Josefine Cataldo is based at Science Park Borås, where she works as a project manager for the Circular Municipality network and as coordinator for "Services and circular goods" and "Design for a sustainable lifestyle" within the force collection "Climate 2030 - Västra Götaland is changing ". With a great commitment to sustainability issues, she works to create knowledge-raising activities and find interventions that can drive and support a sustainable and circular transition.


Lecturer: Anna Lindgren has worked for over 10 years in sustainability work in business and is now a coordinator at Science Park Borås for the initiatives "Services and circular goods" and "Design for a sustainable lifestyle".

Client: Kulturakademin

Case: Science Park Borås at Gothenburg Opera

Film Production: AndrobMedia AB

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