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Shahin Najafi - Pedar (Official Music Video)


Shahin Najafi is an Iranian musician, singer, songwriter, political activist and philosopher. Najafi's songs usually deal with topics such as theocracy, poverty, sexism, censorship, child labor, execution, drug addiction and homophobia. In interviews, he has stated that he strives to use poetic, literary, philosophical and political elements in his music. He studied sociology at the University of Gilan and openly expressed his views about the university, which led to his suspension.


After the release of the song "Ay Naghi!" ("Hello, Naghi!") Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani, a then 93-year-old Shiite cleric based in Qom, issued a fatwa death sentence against Najafi for apostasy. Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi, a source of "emulation" for many Shiites, also issued a fatwa declaring Najafi guilty of apostasy. As of 15 May 2012, more than 800 people in Iran had joined a Facebook campaign calling for Najafi's execution. They said they were ready to kill him if necessary. An Iranian website, Shia-Online.ir, offered $100,000 to whoever could kill Najafi.


Shahin Najafi wrote his first book, "Wenn Gott schläft", about his own fate and his life. The book was published in German in 2014 by Kiwi Publications. In 2018, Shahin Najafi published a book named "Azazil", which was welcomed by his fans. Shahin Najafi's new book "Bitrex" was published by Naakojaa Publishing in 2019. "Bitrex" should be seen as a brief introduction to a complicated conversation about art, power and the future...



"The Father" is the latest creation of Shahin Najafi. In his words "This is the most important work of my life". This single is made in the alternative rock genre and deals with the issue of rape and incest. The music video narrative can be defined based on two specific points. The video does not touch on the rape itself, but inspects before and after the incident. This video tries to examine the effect of the psychological aspects.


Rape and incest are similar in the sense that both are criminal acts. The term incest refers to sexual contact between family members. The laws regarding incest vary from state to state as to what constitutes incest, child sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. Regardless of state laws, unwanted sexual contact by a family member can have a lasting effect on the survivor. In October 2017, the #MeToo movement was founded, with the hashtag spreading virally and women all over the world sharing their stories and experiences of sexual harassment. Various artists, mostly women, have addressed this subject in art which is crucial. The majority of all victims know their perpetrator from before, and about 34 percent of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are family members.


Shahin Najafi : Lyrics, Music, Arrangement 

Alireza Badiee : Director, Producer, writer 

Pouya Mahmoodi : Electric Guitar 

Habib Meftah : Percussion & Flute  

Pedram Shahlai : String Instruments 

Arian Aghajan : Bass 

Faarjam Saidi : Mixing 

Babak Rezvani : Mastering 

Nick Rastin : Translation 

Leili Bazargan : Production Manager, Producer

Mansour Hosseini : Executive Producer 

UNITED VOICE : Production Company



Reza Amir Omrani

Ava Rostampoor

Hasti Rostampoor 

Hanna Bendz 


Amelia Finngåård: First Assistant Director

Shaylin Zare : Production Coordinator

Johan Moberg : Line Producer

Mehrdad Karimi : Production Assistant 

Aidin Pourkouchak : Illustrator, Graphic Artist 

Maryam Zare : Logistics 

Linnéa Carlsson : Makeup

Pavel Lychagin : Runner, BTS

Mandana: Catering

Androbmedia AB: Video Production Company 

In association with Gothenburg Film Studios AB


Special thanks to:

Ylva Olsson

Paul Blomgren DoVan

Johan Jonsson

EasyRig Sweden

Hyrmax Gothenburg

PolarPrisma Sweden

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