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Elements - Beautiful Untrue Things

Beautiful Untrue Things
Volume 1: The Venusian Chronicles is a "Venusian" choreography, exploring images of female figure Hollywood archetypes through the eyes of the fifth wall of film and digital arts. The inspiration and lyrics come from Oscar Wilde's "The Decay of Lying" artwork by The Connor Brothers and the book and documentary " Complicated Women” by Marc LaSalle of Pre Code Hollywood women such as Garbo, Dietrich, Norma Shearer, etc.

Elements is a solo choreography that is the intersection of nature, fashion and movement. Elements is an exploration of dance/movement and the elements nature, earth, fire, water, and air. The natural influences and sounds of these elements merge with the art form of Punking/Whacking and fashion in the background of Västra Götaland's scenic nature. The choreography is inspired by the concept of how nature imitates art and the interaction between movement, creativity, shapes, energy and sound. The exploration of the elements from a sensual perspective helps shape the movement, feel and flow of the choreography. This unique combination is also the first to combine the dance art form punking and nature.

In 2023, this film was selected as Honorable Mention For Experimental Film, and the winner for Best Music Video at the Hercules Film Festival in Spain, and selected in a number of festivals in Sweden, UK and more.

Dancer, Choreography, Concept: Alyssa Chloe 
DOP, Edit: Amelia Finngåård

Video Production Company: AndrobMedia
Music: Hurricane by Grace Jones, Tricky, DJ Emily 

Sponsors and Support:
Danscentrum i Väst/Stora Teatern
Mölndal Stad
Göteborg Stad 
Botaniska Trägården
Gunnebo Slott

Kund: Alyssa Chloe, Urban Anarchy

Case: Elements - Beautiful Untrue Things

Filmproduktion: AndrobMedia AB

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